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Sustainability report 2010

Since 1993 STEP Consulting has been working as an independent legal entity specializing in business-consulting. Our goal is to help our clients to gain leadership positions in their markets. Our mission is to contribute to establishing of new business reality in Russia, and thus — to extend the basement of the civil society.

In the beginning of our history we worked a lot with famous international companies, such as Rank Xerox CIS (1994), GTS Cellular (1995), Coopers & Lybrand (1996), CBSD (1996), Golden Telecom (1996), Sovam Teleport (1997), Vostok Mobile (1998), World Learning (1999), Ericsson (2000). At the same time we started to work with impetuously developing Russian businesses. Being of the same age as the Russian business itself, we have accumulated a unique experience in working with companies in various sectors (retail, construction, telecommunications, insurance, banking, manufacturing, publishing, etc.) During 13 years we have accomplished over 400 consulting projects for more than 200 clients. Today we are posted on trends in establishing and developing business in Russia, main possibilities of businesses' growth. Growing, developing and meeting challenges together with our clients — leaders in different markets, we have worked out a wide range of organizational procedures, successfully proved in practice. Our experience allows our clients to look a step forward, successfully overcome situations faced in business and achieve operational excellence and highest possible profits.

STEP Consulting was one of the first in Russia who started to work in the field of supporting organizational evolution of Russian businesses and apply the most advanced and effective tools in its work with the clients. Nevertheless we realized that the consulting market requires effective services, and it cannot be developed by a few consulting companies presented in the market those years. In 1993-1997 on the base of STEP Consulting there was opened and operated Organizational Consultants School. Over 60 specialists have graduated from the School. Most of them currently are working in consulting, some have founded their own consulting companies.

Today STEP Consulting mainly works with rapidly growing and developing Russian companies. These companies work in various sectors, have a turnover up to USD several hundred million and focused on fast expanding and carrying on legal business. Our clients include the leaders of Russian retail market, like Sportmaster, Avtomir, M.Video, as well as the leaders of telecommunication market: Vympelkom, Sovam Teleport, GTS Cellular; financial services market's leaders: MFD, Petrokommerz bank, Gazprombank, etc. We belong to a particular group of consultancies which do not only work out recommendations and programmes, but also provide implementation of necessary measures and organizational changes.

Step Consulting has testimonials from many clients. The Company is well-known in the consulting market, is refered to and cited in many business periodicals. Step Consulting' CEO Svetlana Emelyanova is one of 25 Russian business-ladies awarded an honorable title of "Merited Entrepreneur" in 2002. Step Consulting was awarded "Best enterprise in training and supplying marketing, auditing, consulting, accounting and legal provision services" title at the Moscow Entrepreneur-2002 contest. According to UNIVPRAVEKS rating, Step Consulting has been among the leaders of Russian consulting services market since 2003.

Nobody can tell more about the quality of work than His Majesty the Market. Over 60% of the executed projects were the repeated appeals from our old clients, and that can be considered as an index of quality.