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About the history of Russian business at the day of knowledge

STEP Consulting is glad to present a book issue "RE: to business-nobility" in August, 2008. Today clients of STEP Consulting can get acquainted with such an exclusive edition. Also it is available to visitors of Lenin's State Library and to the students of several Moscow Universities - copies were delivered over to the libraries of Moscow State University, High School of Economy, National Academy of Economy and Sociological faculty of State University of the Humanities.

This book represents an excursus to the 5 year history of Russian business. The almanac contains selected materials from the bulletin "Business Life" from 2001 till 2006. Published articles were first of all written for owners of business, with their help and at their direct participation. And through these materials you can see history and problems business-organizations were concerned about in 2001. You can learn about the methods they used in their work and how they raised up their businesses after crisis of 1998.

So in the first releases such themes as " time management ", "delegation", "mission", "corporate culture" have covered, and such word-combinations as "service standards" and "corporate trainings" have appeared for the first time. And the book's final chapters are connected with such concepts as "outsourcing", "rebranding", "strategic management", "owner's control" and so on.

Many of thoseabout whom the first articles were written  currently hold the leading positions on Russian and West-European market.

"We want to thanks all the people for whom and with whose help we created "Business Life" and the almanac - says Evegeny Emelianov, the president of STEP Consulting and digest is editor. "Faces of many but not of all of them you can see on an end-leaf of the edition. Events of these people's life became a basis of many plots; it is their deeds which make a basis at developing Russian business".


STEP Consulting was one of the first in Russia who started to work in the field of supporting organizational development of Russian businesses and is applying the most advanced and effective tools in its work with the clients.

During 13 years we have accomplished over 500 consulting projects for more than 200 clients. Growing, developing and meeting challenges together with our clients - leaders in different markets, we have worked out a wide range of organizational procedures, successfully proved in practice. Our experience allows our clients to look a step forward, successfully overcome situations faced in business and achieve operational excellence and the highest possible profits.

The list of our clients includes the leaders of Russian retail market. Among them are: Sportmaster, Avtomir, M.Video, as well as the leaders of telecommunication market: Vympelkom, Sovam Teleport, GTS Cellular; financial services market's leaders: MFD, Petrokommerz bank, Gazprombank; cinema network Karo-film and many others.

STEP Consulting is a full member of MSPA (Mystery Shopping Providers Association), one of the founders of Association of Russian consulting companies ASCONCO.


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