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Partners Business Breakfast: Management and Legal Consulting

On November 22, 2018 “STEP Consulting” and “NEF- Consulting” held a joint business breakfast. The objective of the meeting was partnerships of business owners: conflicts, ways of resolving them, and partnerships positive potential fulfilling.

The idea of ??the event arose when companies realized that they were working with clients on similar issues, but they saw the situation from different perspectives. Consultants of “STEP” solve the problem from the position of the efficient management and colleagues from “NEF-Consulting” consider the problem of effective conflict resolution. Having a wealth of experience, representatives of both consulting companies have developed their own techniques and accumulated a large number of practical cases to share during the event.

The presentations of “NEF-Consulting” and “STEP Consulting” were discussed by the guests of the breakfast - the owners of the companies and consultants solving similar issues. The stories were about the "pitfalls" that business owners can come along, about beforehand partnership agreements, and also about "Russian roulette", "Texas shootout "and" Dutch auction".

This meeting was the first experience and a new format of a joint interaction of the companies “STEP consulting” and “NEF-consulting”. The experience that was useful for both representatives of the companies and the guests, as they acquired not only useful practical information, but also gained new contacts.

Information about new joint events will be posted on the companies' websites: and