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The 103 press bulletin "The Life of Business" is published

A new issue of STEP Consulting press bulletin “The Life of Business” is already on the website


The interview: Alexey Polovnikov, co-owner of Izhevsk Construction Group of Companies "SBK", shared the story of his business and communication with his business partner.

The December meeting of “Business Grably Club” report. Two entrepreneurs, Artem Lobachenkov, the creator of the online service "Spaceinspace", and Olesya Shevchuk, the owner of the brand "Olesya Shevchuk Cheese making School" – presented their companies. They shared their fears with our experts and got some important clues about the business growth.

The article "The Supervisory Board and the human capital management" is about the main functions of the Board of Directors in middle-range businesses.

The supplement "Digital Transformation". The article "The Fashion Curve in the IT market" is about the life cycle of a fashion tools. The way to resist the "fashion" and not to miss the useful thing while being frustrated.

The supplement "Digital Transformation". The article "Artificial Intelligence: ? good marksman may miss" is about the Google case and the limits of artificial intelligence.

“The SQI bulletin” is available on the SQI management web site:


The supplement “The SQI bulletin”: The article “The Life in Anticipation" is about Russians ready to waste time on the queues at service and retail outlets.

We are working for you, Editors of press bulletin “The Life of Business”.