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Newsletter 112 "Business life"

However hard business owners try to make their company a “perfect machine”, working permanently and properly, regardless whoever manages them, they never succeed. But this doesn’t mean it’s not worth trying. On the contrary, it is difficult to overestimate the importance of this process when it comes to stability and long-term business growth strategy. Business means people. And people are in the focus of new issue of newsletter “Business Life”.

Read in this issue.
"Is that the right man to drive?"  - the article tell us about seven signs for business owner to change CEO
"Machinery for boys and girls" the article points out the difference in styles of managing between women and men
"What if the driver or passengers jump out on the move?" tell us about the business owners’ nightmare, the risk of the top managers’ collective dismissal
The report from the twentieth Business Rakes Club meeting describes two business stories: the online service for long-term rent of apartments "KEYRENT" and the agency for organizing bachelorette parties "STORIES"

This time the column "Client in the Center" is focused on the creation and implementation of the electronic “Claim Book "

The section "Best Practices" is about additional service for purchasing electronic tickets for the concerts