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Business life

Journal for business owners and managers.

The 106-th issue is available.

Dear friends,

My name is Vladimir Khomutov. As a Managing Editor and a senior partner of STEP Consulting I tried to collect the past, present and near future of the business in this 106-th "Business Life" journal issue.

So, the topics are the following:

Business reality in the article "Through the "rakes" of the human factor, or The way to get less bruised." The story is about problems that are actual for business since 20-25 years ago. That time there were “rakes” for other companies in another economy.

In the rubric "Business Rakes Club" you’ll find the article “Hacking your own company and getting "star" dresses”, a regular report from the meeting of young entrepreneurs and "terrifying" experts. The focus is on high-tech businesses this time.

In the section "Global Vision: world trends" the article “Different people are needed, different people matter” is about the importance of "right" trends in building the management team. But what is more important is common sense.

A new rubric "The stories of Russian Business" is made in cooperation with the Museum of Entrepreneurs, Maecenases and Philanthropists. The article "Upbringing the successor" is about the company authority transfer to Savva Mamontov from his father.

In the article ”"Too many cooks", or How to create motivation for a team goal achievement” you can find a step-by-step instruction for implementing a overall objectives.

In the section "Future of business: view from today" the article "Can everyone win the competition for the client’s purse?" is telling about the complicated theme of collaborations with banks for selling financial products.

The rubric "Client is in the focus" deals with the issues of customer service quality. This time, the authors tell us about the client anticipations and the danger of gaps between expectations and reality.

Enjoy your reading.

Happy to work for you,

Editorial board of "Business Life" journal