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Investments In A Sales assistant — Investments In A Customer

17th December 2008 Elena Filyakova, SQI Management project manager (STEP Consulting), made a report Investments In A Sales assistant — Investments In A Customer

at the all-Russian branch conference Fashion During The Economic Recession. Indicators. Strategy. Technologies.

In the report Elena told about process of changing motivation programs for sales assistants in retail chains, warned participants of the conference against marketing activity reductions, told about influence of the crisis on service quality control programs and also about ways of making the monitoring more effective and possibly cheaper.

"In the crisis, — Elena says, — the most important is to manage reduce expenses. But there are highly profitable investments that reduction is at least short-sighted. These are service and  service quality investments. As a client-oriented sales assistants will tempt consumers to impulsive purchases in the conditions of sharp restriction of money resources bringing the company "live" money from loyal buyers. In the conditions of  rigid competition for a client's purse only the steady high service wins".


SQI management — the company specializing in building service quality control systems. The company has grown from STEP Consulting service quality estimation department that started in 1999. SQI management specializes in service quality estimation — Service Quality Index,  mystery shopping, service quality benchmarking, service quality control programs in the companies. On SQI management account are 274 estimated brands, service quality checks are hold in 440 cities of Russia and the CIS countries. Since 2003"STEP Consulting has been conducting regular initiative non-profit service quality researches of Russian retailers. The results of these open researches are publishes in major business press — Smart Money, Secret Firmy, Vedomosti , Sales, Retailer Magazine, Izvestiya etc. Since 2005 STEP Consulting has been a member of Mystery Sopping Providers Association (MSPA).