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We would like to introduce you a summary of our newsletter “Business Life”

Dear friends!

We would like to introduce you a summary of our newsletter “Business Life”, published by STEP Consulting since 2001.

The topics of the 104-th issue are the following.

“David vs. Goliath” (“Global vision: world trends” section) is about the counteraction of the traditional retail “monsters” and on-line startups, which can force out “monsters” even off-line.

The interview with Ilya Klepikov, the co-founder and CEO of “OUR TOYS” company, reveals the important point - the managing team is to comply with the business development level.

The report from the “Business Rakes Club” meeting is about the sense of humor as a personnel selection’ criteria and about the “code of good” (code of kindness) in the programming school for children.

The section “Future of the business” contains the article “Sport is on the edge of technological revolution” - about hightech innovations used during the Olympic Games in PyeongChang. After all today’s innovations will get in common use tomorrow.

The “Client is in the focus” section completes this issue of the newsletter. All articles in this part are dedicated to the customer service quality. Here you can read about the results of the “Smiling Report 2018” international research.

Evgeny Emelianov,