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New member of the Business owners’ library - the book "Business Rakes Club: Cross-pollination"

In the series of holidays and conferences we completely we haven’t noticed that a new book appeared in the office "Business Rake Club: Cross-pollination or a fast and unique way to get experience in making business".

Meanwhile, this book is worth of loudest cheers and applause. It’s made of youth and energy of the speakers, the experience and wisdom of the experts, and the unique power of entrepreneurial initiative, which lives "no matter what."

The book is based on reports from 16 meetings of the” Business Rakes Club” and describes the widest range of business ideas. The diversity of projects, the ease of the new world potential operating and the repeatability of the “rakes”, problems and mistakes that a growing business reproduces are striking.

“The meetings of our “Business Rakes Club,” says Gulnara Mingacheva, project manager, “is a unique platform for the experience exchange between businessmen of different generations. The idea of ??events is as follows: the speaker tells about his business and gets feedback from business consultants and more experienced colleagues. They speak about things they would do in his place. Proceeding from this idea, we planned “Business Rake Club” to help precisely “young” entrepreneurs. But unexpectedly, older experienced participants started to find management tools and methods in young modern companies and tried to use them in their businesses. This is how we, unintentionally for ourselves, invented a new genre of consulting - collective consulting, where both parties find significant benefits for themselves. This kind of consulting is very emotional and at the same time very effective for all participants. We are happy that our meetings continue. For those who missed the first 16 meetings, we released a book. ”