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Last update: 18.03.2016

STEP Consulting Centre had been the consulting partner in the management restructuring project for the Alcor Retailing Company (L'Etoile and Sephora perfumery networks) from February 2005 till April 2006.

Essentials of our work were

  • Corporate structure,
  • Allocation of responsibilities among subdivisions and managers,
  • Motivation system, especially in terms of Vertical framework of sales management: Sales Management and stores.

When fixing these problems the Company always needed to recruit new employees. In cooperation with recruiting agencies, STEP Consulting Centre was acting on behalf of the Company and outsourced services related to primary assessment of manager candidates.

Besides, within the framework of the project STEP experts were handling other issues which were of current concern and high priority for the Company at each specific moment.

Managers of the Company identified the set of tasks on a monthly basis, and the STEP Consulting Centre promptly composed an expert team who were able to obtain the required results. The following problems were handled in this way at different project stages:

  • Analysis and planning of stores' sales within the framework of budget planning and adjustment,
  • Regulating cooperation with the Logistics Company,
  • Monitoring of launching of marketing campaigns at stores and of observance by the stores of networking standards (Service Quality Index / Mystery Shopper).

I would like to outline one of the experts' work outcomes which have been quite important for me as a Director General. In the course of our regular interaction on the project issues, they provided me with real-time information on problem situations arising at various levels of the Company's management structure. This gave me an opportunity to find solution to such problems in good time, as well as to prevent and mitigate conflicts, and to assure prompt and targeted communication with managers. In many cases it saved my business hours as employees' disputes and disturbances were eliminated avoiding formal procedures by consulting specialists.

I recommend STEP Consulting Centre as a professional team capable of duly handling business restructuring procedures, providing consulting support not just in designing and planning of changes, but in implementation of certain solutions as well, and of giving a well-timed and flexible response to the change of Customer's priorities and objectives in the course of project realization.

A.L. Ushakova

Director General

Alcor & Co. LLC

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