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Last update: 18.03.2016

Elecsnet is a rapidly developing network of terminals for instant payment of such consumer services as telecommunications, Internet-providing and IP-telephony, satellite television and housing maintenance and utilities. To extend our network we need to have a constantly updated plan of prospective terminals' location, which would be consistent with our commercial objectives. In 2004-2005 in order to look for new terminal locations we resorted to the STEP consulting services.

Under the consulting project implementation, experts of the STEP Centre have developed a mathematical representation that associated profitability of different types of terminals with customer flow at such terminals' locations, clustering of target group and an average check amount. Under an agreed-upon and approved procedure, consultants identified locations for potential terminals' installation, assessed and presented to us the data concerning the number of terminals required in order to attain success.

The fact that the procedure designed by consultants was based on analysis of our Company's activity must be emphasized. So, economy study conducted by the STEP's experts gave us an opportunity to reassess the key factors of our commercial success. As a result, we obtained not just specific recommendations on location of terminals, but an idea of further development strategies of the whole network as well.

Relying on our positive experience gained in implementation of the said works, Elecsnet recommends STEP Consulting Centre as a company which can help its customer both in obtaining immediate results and in reaching a goal objective based on business development strategies.

Y.I. Lokotsov,

Director General of the Elecsnet LLC

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