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Last update: 18.03.2016

MSS-Start Company (Mobile Centre retailing network, today — Beeline Service and Sales Centre) applied to the STEP Consulting Centre with a request to work-out and incorporate further business development strategy.

Based on the evaluation of current activities and market forecasts, in cooperation with the STEP's consultants, we have developed several alternative strategies each represented by target figures. Out of a number of scenarios offered by STEP we have chosen the one under which the Company was repositioned and became a self-supporting front office of the Beeline Mobile Operator.

In order to implement the strategy, experts of the STEP Centre introduced the Management by Objective System (MBO), which let our Company meet its goal objectives. Professional and managerial development of the Company's staff members became an essential result of our cooperation with the experts. During a period of project implementation managers made a significant step forward in new managerial tasks solution.

STEP experts had been monitoring situation in the Company, and discussing effects of the strategy incorporation with Director General and Department Managers for six months. Consultants' feedback allowed for making tactical alterations into the strategy implementation and introducing necessary organizational modifications.

Beeline Service and Sales Centre is for the moment a retail network featuring high-quality service. It has been achieved by permanent monitoring of showrooms through the Mystery Shopping system. STEP Consulting Centre evaluated the quality of rendered service according to the SQI standard on a monthly basis, and provided their recommendations.

Relying on our positive experience gained in implementation of the said works, MSS-Start recommends STEP Consulting Centre as a company which can help its clients in heading their organizations to the proper direction and meeting their goal objectives.

E.N. Yelizarova,

Director General of MSS-Start CJSC

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