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Last update: 18.03.2016

Experts of the STEP Consulting Centre have developed a merchandising strategy and products' portfolio for the SPORTMASTER Company. As a result of the work performed we have been given answers to the questions of great importance to the Company:

  • What shall be the Company's range of goods in the next 3-5 years;
  • What are the target sales for each product category in the next 3-5 years;
  • Which brands (distributed and owned) shall be present in each product category;
  • What steps should be taken in order to implement the set goals.

Primary result of the experts' performance was realization of a complex strategic planning of the Company's range of products: from development of planning techniques to implementation of programs targeted at meeting of goal objectives. Based on the Company's objectives and capabilities, STEP experts designed a turnover structure in terms of product types, categories and price segments.

During their performance, experts were working in close cooperation with our Company's managers and were acting as planning administrators and resource specialists. It allowed the Company's staff members for an opportunity to get trained in planning for handling of actual business tasks.

Based on the techniques, designed by the experts, and under their guidance, the Company's managers carried out an investigation aimed at different sources of marketing information, and obtained an exhaustive pattern of trends for development of the sports articles' market in Russia. It allowed for evaluation of targeted commercial objectives in terms of their marketing feasibility.

SPORTMASTER Company recommends employing the services of STEP Consulting Centre in development of a merchandising strategy and products' portfolio.

Commercial Director of the SPORTMASTER Company

D.Y. Ageyev

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