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Last update: 18.03.2016

I'd been working in cooperation with the STEP Consulting Centre between 2004 and 2006. Over the years of partnership Marketing Department of the Snow Queen Trading Centre and experts of STEP carried out a number of marketing researches which were of strategic significance for the development of the Snow Queen retailing network and trademark.

In 2004 experts of STEP Consulting Centre assisted us in segmentation of the Snow Queen's customers (identification of a customer's profile). STEP experts conducted two surges of depth interviews with the Snow Queen's customers, based on which interviews 9 groups of leather and fur consumers have been identified and "portraits" for each group's representative have been drawn.

The next reasonable step was cooperation in quantitative investigation of the Moscow market in 2005 - it was aimed at analysis of actual and prospective buyers of fur and leather garments. This large-scale project was aimed at evaluation of each customer group's capacity, drawing a profile for competitors' clients, identification of positioning of Snow Queen and its competitors in each segment, and development of the network's customer strategy.

In 2005 and 2006 analysis of the Snow Queen brand perception was carried out in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Analytical results were applied in correction of the brand positioning and in development of a new advertising campaign in 2006.

In the course of team work STEP experts proved to be qualified specialists, highly competent in marketing research. Experts of the STEP Consulting Centre performed their work at a high professional level within the set time limits.

Research techniques applied by them turned out to be highly efficient for understanding of our customers' perception of the Snow Queen brand. And this, in turn, allowed us bringing deep changes into our positioning strategy.

I can recommend experts of the STEP Consulting Centre as competent professional marketing advisors.

Director for Marketing and Public Relations of the Snow Queen stores chain.

A. A. Arutyunyan

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