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Last update: 18.03.2016

Reference to the work performed by STEP Consulting

I've been cooperating with the STEP Company on various areas of consulting since the year of 2000. That includes involvement of STEP specialists for assistance in solving operational issues such as development of motivation systems, description of business processes, regulations etc. as well as for advising shareholders and coaching topmanagers.

Lately I've been using actively such a product as "The Third Eye" and the service on organizing and leading Supervisory Boards which allow me to get an alternative point of view at the business in general. The service of "The Third Eye" is the most called-for by me as a shareholder participating in strategic business management only without plunging into the current operational management.

I recommend the STEP Company as honest and respectable partners who always comply with the agreement provisions and take a firm stand in respect of the arrangements agreed. In my case they always battle for my interests as a shareholder of the company. I also consider the STEP Company to be one of the most competent Russian consultants in the area of retail trade.

Grigoriy Kozhemyakin

Shareholder of Starik Khottabytch and Stroydepo Companies

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